NMI HARDWARE FAILURE Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

What does NMI hardware failure mean?

NMI stands for Non-Maskable Interrupt, a type of hardware interrupt (or signal to the processor) that prioritizes a certain thread or process. There are two reasons for NMI. The first reason is due to Hardware Failure error. While the second reason is “watchdog timer“, that is used to find when kernel locks itself. Advertisement

In some cases, you will find NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE blue screen errors after installing new hardware or software. It can even appear during program installation, while Microsoft related software program is running, or when Windows driver is loaded, or through Windows startup or shutdown. When NMI error Generate you will get different errors such as “STOP Error 0x80: NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE” is displayed. Your system frequently crashes with Error 0x80.


Incorrectly configured, old, or corrupted device drivers. , Corrupted Windows registry entries, Virus or malware infection, Driver conflict after installing any new hardware. corrupted, Damaged or removed system files after installing software or drivers, faulty Disk Drive or Memory Errors are the common reason Behind this NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE blue screen errors. After a simply Restart you didn’t get this blue screen but if you frequently getting this nmi hardware failure BSOD error Here some applicable solutions to get rid of this.

Remove External Devices

As this problem mostly occurs due to faulty hardware, or incompatibility of Hardware Device first we recommend to remove all external devices connected to your computer ( such as a printer, scanner, external HDD etc) and try to start windows normally check If there is no more nmi hardware failure BSOD error.

If due to this blue Screen error windows frequently restart and don’t allow to start windows normally we recommend booting into safe mode with networking. Which start windows with minimum system configuration and allow them to perform troubleshooting steps.

Make sure windows is updated and Update All Drivers

When you start windows in safe mode with networking first make sure windows have installed the latest security patch and it’s up to date. Microsoft Regularly releases security updates with bug fixes and patch the security hole created by third-party applications.

Check and install latest security updates from Settings -> Update & Security -> windows update -> check for updates. May this security update contains the bug fix to resolve nmi hardware failure BSOD error.

Again incompatible, outdated device drivers (especially the display driver) mostly cause different blue screen errors and may this nmi hardware failure BSOD error is one of them. To fix NMI hardware failure, first, update the drivers from Device manager. Or you can visit the device manufacturer, to download and install the latest driver software for Windows PC. You should no longer encounter that blue screen of death.

Uninstall Recently Installed applications

  • Additionally, You can perform the clean boot. It will help you to understand if any third-party programs or services are causing the problem or not.
  • Perform A full system scan with a good antivirus with the latest updates installed.
  • Run third-party system optimizer like Ccleaner to clean up junk, temp, System error, Memory dump files. And registry cleaner to fix different registry errors which may cause NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD error.

Check Corrupted system files

Again sometimes corrupted, damaged system files cause different BSOD errors or Startup errors on windows 10 computers. So we recommend running System file checker Utility to make sure any corrupted missing system files not causing this NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD error.

This will start scanning for missing, damaged system files on your Windows PC. If found any the utility will automatically restore them from a compressed folder located on %WinDir%System32dllcache. Wait until 100% complete the scanning process after that Restart windows.

If SFC scan results windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them That cause you need to run The DISM tool which repairs the system image and allows SFC to Do its job. After that Restart your Computer And let start windows normally. I am sure you didn’t get any blue screen on your PC and Windows runs smoothly for you.

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These are some applicable solutions to fix nmi hardware failure Blue Screen error on windows. have any query or suggestion about this post feel free to discuss on comments below.

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However, if you are working on a computer with a keyboard and mouse this feature might annoy you and seem like something that is not needed. Like many things inside Windows 11 this feature also can be customized and turned OFF if you do not want it. In this guide, we will see how to turn these boxes off. Microsoft has somewhat hidden this feature but luckily it is not difficult to find it if you know where to look.

Turning check boxes OFF

  • Open File Explorer (if you do not have an icon on your Taskbar, right-click on the Start button and select File Explorer from the menu)
  • Click on View on the top toolbar
  • Select Show
  • Uncheck Item Check Boxes

Shortcut virus is an easily spreadable and annoying combination of Worm and Trojan that hides all of your files and folders and then replaces them with shortcuts that look identical to replaced files and folders.

How to Remove Virus from USB and other removable media

intelppm. sys blue screen of death is linked to an outdated driver, if you received this error do not sweat we have simple solutions for you. Please keep on reading in order to find out what can you do to fix this error.

  • Update driver
    Go to the device manager and manually update old-dated drivers. Note that this will take some time because you will need to update each device manually through the device manager but in the end, it will fix the issue.
  • Use automated application
    Instead of going through each device one by one manually get a dedicated driver fixing device like DRIVERFIX and update all drivers automatically.
  • Step 4: After that, check for the preference value and then see if it’s set to true or not. If it is set to true, then it means that the Restart with Windows feature is enabled so obviously, to disable it, you need to set its value to false.
  • Step 5: Now restart your computer without closing Firefox. After restarting your computer, you should no longer see Firefox starting automatically.
  • Refresh Recycle bin view
    If you spend any amount of time on this site reading through articles, you know I am a big fan of simple and effective solutions and there is nothing simpler than a single press of a button. Open your recycle bin and press F5 to refresh view or right-click anywhere inside and choose refresh. If your file does not appear with this method go to the next step.
  • Check if Don’t move the file to the recycle bin is enabled
    Right-click on recycle bin and choose properties, under properties, there is the option that says Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin, Remove files immediately when deleted. This option is not selected by default, but it could be turned on by someone else or by mistake. If you see that this option is enabled sadly your file is gone and you will have to get the file back by using some third-party undelete application, uncheck this option to prevent future deletion of files by mistake.
  • Increase recycle bin size
    This will not help you to get your file back sadly but it will help you in storing more files in recycle bin. This is helpful since if you reach your recycle bin limit all further files will be permanently deleted and not been able to get them back. So by increasing bin size you will have more space for deleted files to be saved. To do that, right-click on Recycle Bin, select Properties. Now, increase the Maximum size from the Custom size option, and click Apply and OK.

Option 1 – Try to update or rollback your device drivers

  • Open the Devices Manager from the Win X Menu.
  • After that, switch to the Driver tab and click on the Uninstall Device button.
  • Finally, restart your computer. It will just reinstall the device drivers automatically.
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Note: You can also directly download the relevant drivers of your computer from the manufacturers’ website. So if you have an SSD, the issue might be due to an old storage driver.

Option 2 – Try running System File Checker or SFC scan

  • Tap Win + R to launch Run.
  • Type in cmd in the field and tap Enter.
  • After opening Command Prompt, type in sfc /scannow
  • Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

Reboot your PC.

Option 3 – Try running the Memory Diagnostic Tool

  • Tap the Win + R keys to open Run and type exe and hit Enter to open the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
  • After that, it will give two options such as:
    Restart now and check for problems (Recommended)Check for problems the next time I start my computer
  • Restart now and check for problems (Recommended)
  • Check for problems the next time I start my computer
  • Once your computer has restarted, perform a basic scan or you could also go for the “Advanced” options such as “Test mix” or “Pass count”. Simply tap the F10 key to start the test.

Note: After you select your preferred option, your computer will restart and check for memory-based issues. If it finds any issues, it will automatically fix them.

Option 4 – Perform System Restore

  • First, tap the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box.
  • After that, type in “sysdm.cpl” in the field and tap Enter.
  • Next, go to the System Protection tab then click the System Restore button. This will open a new window where you have to select your preferred System Restore point.

Option 5 – Run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter

Virtual Reality is slowly becoming standard in gaming. More and more affordable headsets are coming out lowering entry prices and making them affordable for all. But in a sea of new VR headsets, it is important to at least purchase a decent one that will perform nicely and hopefully last longer. Therefore in today’s article, we will address some of the best options currently available on the market,

Oculus Quest 2

With its Rift model, Oculus set itself as a big player in VR. Now the company is slowly bowing out of the dedicated, tethered VR headset with its latest Quest 2 designed to primarily be a standalone headset. In case you do not know, tethered headset means that the headset itself is connected to your PC and is using its power to drive your VR experience. Now technical specifications of Quest 2 are pretty OK and it can drive stuff pretty decently and if you want you can purchase the dedicated cable to connect it to your PC for the full experience of games requiring more capable hardware. Oculus Quest 2 is the cheapest headset on this list and with its stable performance, is highly recommended.

Valve Index VR

Although the headset itself is nothing revolutionary or special its controllers are. They can track individual finger movements, making games (that take advantage of them) much more immersive than the standard trigger grips on other controllers. The Index’s higher refresh rate makes for smoother action, as well, which is another nice bonus. If you already have an HTC Vive or Vive Cosmos Elite, and their base stations (not the regular Cosmos), you can buy only the controllers.

Sony PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is compelling thanks to Sony backing its development, plus the PlayStation 4’s affordability and availability compared with gaming PCs. All you need is the headset, a PlayStation 4, and a PlayStation Camera (now included with most PlayStation VR bundles). Not really the best of the bunch but still one of the top ones for console gaming. Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR system for the PlayStation 5, with redesigned controllers. The new headset hasn’t been revealed yet, but the company has released a preview of the new controllers.

HP Reverb G2 VR

HTC Vive Cosmos

The Intel Driver and Support Assistant automatically identifies, finds, and installs drivers in a computer and is pre-installed in newer Intel-supported systems. If you are using one of those newer Intel supported systems but encountered an error that says, “Communication with service process failed, Tray cannot start” when you launch a program, read on as this post will guide you in fixing this problem. This kind of issue in Intel supported system could be due to some third party application that’s meant to update drivers could be interfering. It is also possible that the Intel Driver and Support Assistant application is corrupted. Whatever the cause may be, here are some suggestions you have to check out to resolve the problem.

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Option 1 – Try to uninstall all the third party driver update applications

  • Tap the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box
  • Then type “appwiz.cpl” in the field and hit Enter to open the Programs and Features in Control Panel.
  • From there, look for the third-party driver update application you are using, select it and then click on Uninstall to remove it.
  • After that, restart your computer and try to install the latest version of the program again. It should work now. If not, proceed to the next available option below.

Option 2 – Try to disable the DSATray in Startup

Another thing about the “Communication with service process failed, Tray cannot start” error is that it keeps on popping up each time you boot your computer. And so to resolve this bug, you can just disable the DSATray from Startup. How? Refer to these steps:

  • Tap the Ctrl + Alt + Del to pull up the Security options window.
  • From there, select the option to open the Task Manager.
  • Once you’re in the Task Manager, go to the Startup tab and look for “DSATray” and right-click on it and then select the Disable option.
  • Now restart your computer and you should be good to go.

Option 3 – Try to reinstall the Intel Driver and Support Assistant

If the Intel Driver and Support Assistant is corrupted, you need to uninstall it from your computer. All you have to do is go to Programs and Features like what you did in the first option to uninstall the program. Once you’ve uninstalled it, download the newer or latest version of the Intel Driver and Support Assistant from the official site of Intel and then install it.

0x0000007B is the most common Windows stop error. The error is displayed on the blue-colored screen which is also called the blue screen of death. You may receive a 0x0000007B error message during Windows XP setup or while running the setup program. The message is often displayed as ‘a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damages’ or ‘inaccessible boot device error’.

The 0x0000007B error code is usually triggered by:

  • Poor Window XP installation
  • Registry corruption
  • Device Drivers Issues
  • Boot sector viruses

Further Information and Manual Repair

The 0x0000007B error makes your system vulnerable and reduces its speed significantly. And besides, you can’t run the programs smoothly on your PC either. Therefore, it’s advisable to fix the error right away. To fix and repair the 0x0000007B error successfully, you must first understand the cause of the error. Let’s take a look at all the solutions available to fix the 0x0000007B error.

Cause: Boot Sector Viruses

Solution: If your computer is infected with boot sector viruses, then you will first have to download a powerful antivirus. After downloading the antivirus program, run it on your PC to check your computer for viruses. Delete the viruses found and click the repair option. Sometimes even an antivirus program may fail to remove the virus and repair the system. In such cases, you must repartition and format your hard disk and also reinstall Windows XP.

Cause: Device Driver Issues

Solution: Device driver issues may occur if the boot controller is not properly configured or the driver is not up to date. If device driver configuration is the cause of the 0x0000007B error on your PC, then all you need to do is restart your PC, and while restarting press F8 to go to the advanced boot options. Now choose the ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ option. After selecting it, boot into windows and then perform a system restore. Now go to Device Manager and perform a driver rollback to reinstall the drivers. This will resolve the configuration issues. However, if you need an updated driver, all you need to do go on the web and download software to update the driver. It is advisable to download software from the manufacturer’s website in order to successfully update the device driver.

Cause: Poor Windows Installation

  • To scan for viruses every time you use your PC
  • Never open web pages, emails, or download content that you think looks suspicious because that’s probably a virus.
  • Always keep your computer updated.

Repair your PC with one click

Please be aware that our software needs to be installed on a PC system with Windows on it, Open this website on a desktop PC and download the software for easy and quick elimination of your issues.

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